Dr. Tim Knotek

Botox, Juvederm & Kybella Specialist

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I’m excited to assist you in enhancing your youth and beauty with the ability to utilize many various treatment options with Botox and/or Dermal Fillers. Botox is basically a purified protein and a great choice to reduce wrinkles caused by muscles of expression. Fillers like Juvederm and Voluma can help replace the collagen we lose as we age. They fill unwanted folds and creases, restore lost volume in your face, and give you a fresh and younger appearance!

Dr.Tim Knotek has over 25 years in dentistry with a focus on cosmetics in the River Falls & Hudson areas.    He received his Bachelor of Science degree at Concordia College in Moorhead,MN and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from U of MN. He has received additional training at the Esthetic Skin Institute and from the Allergan company (makers of Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma). 

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